The Arbitration Council Foundation has four teams: Finance & Administration (FAD), Legal Services (LSD), Training & Communication (TCD) and Monitoring & Evaluation (MED). Together these four teams provide comprehensive managerial and technical support for the core arbitration services of the Arbitration Council. The ACF is also committed to fostering sound, stable employment relations, labour dispute prevention mechanisms and peaceful dispute resolution through various ancillary services.

As the practical hub of labour arbitration services, the ACF has expanded provision of these ancillary services both in scope and geographically. Through the ACF as day-to-day ‘face’ of the Arbitration Council outside arbitration hearings the industrial relations technical expertise of the Arbitration Council has been given greater scope, allowing it to be an agent for change in the industrial relations landscape.

The Arbitration Council Foundation cannot provide legal advice or opinion about the merits of any labour dispute cases; interpret the meaning of arbitral awards handed down by the Arbitration Council; recommend a particular legal firm, union or person to represent parties; or undertake specific legal research for any party.