On 3rd May 2014, ACF Legal Ms. Abby Millerd will conduct a presentation on “Ethics and the Arbitration Process: Applying Lessons Learned from Australia” with the AC community at the AC office.

Prior to coming to ACF, Abby worked in arbitration and employment law matters. While working as a commercial lawyer, Abby was responsible for running a commercial arbitration service, and gained expertise in the law and process of arbitration. Alongside this, she has been involved in litigation and various employment matters, including adverse action claims, bullying and harassment within the workplace, unfair dismissal, workplace injuries and inappropriate managerial conduct, she brings this experience to bear in her presentation.

The Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) has organised this training to discuss some key topics including: Defining Legal Ethics, General Principles in Applying Legal Ethics with Reference to Australia, Applying General Principles to AC Hypotheticals, and the Consequences of Ethical Breaches.

Ethical practices are not only vital to preserving the integrity of the arbitration process but also to clients and stakeholders who have an interest in ensuring that disputes are resolved in a fair and transparent manner. .