Resolution 1 on Attendance Bonus by the Full Bench of the Arbitration Council

On 3 October 2017, the Full Bench of the Arbitration Council (AC) issued its first resolution on AC decisions on attendance bonus. The Full Bench of the AC is an internal body established by members of the Council through elections in July 2014. The Full Bench is composed of nine arbitrators. All ... read more

Document about Labour Dispute Resolution and the Arbitration Council Process

Industrial Relations Stakeholders Training Stakeholder training is a proactive approach in preventing disputes from happening and encourages parties to resolve labour disputes at enterprise level after the parties gain more knowledge about labour rights, responsibilities and workplace cooperation ... read more

AC Joint International Cooperative Symposium on Development of Labour Law in ASEAN

The Arbitration Council (AC) presented at the 2nd International Cooperative Symposium on the Development of Labour Law in ASEAN hosted by the Central Labour Court of Thailand over the 26-28 of August 2015.  All ASEAN countries (except Indonesia and Singapore) were present including Cambodia. The ... read more

The Arbitration Council Meet and Greet

Register through:  or contact the Arbitration Council office Tel: 023 881 814/ 023 881 815 Email: ... read more

Rights vs Interests Disputes: What’s the Difference?

Differentiating rights and interests disputes is one of the fundamental roles of the Arbitration Council (‘AC’), as it profoundly affects the legal principles applied to a dispute and the effect of any award, yet making such determinations is a difficult task that often requires Arbitrators to ... read more