In early March 2014, the Arbitration Council (AC) launched its new website, aimed at providing better access to information and documents related to the services provided by the AC. The online register of the AC’s decisions or ‘Arbitral Awards’, which are the main output of the AC and have always been available to the public via the website, was also redeveloped to optimize users ability to search this register for specific decisions.

The previous AC website had a register of more than 1600 Arbitral Awards, issued from 2003 to 2013. The AC has now successfully transitioned all these decisions to the new website and they are available for the public – the majority being available in both Khmer and English.

The next step in the development of this search function will be to ‘tag’ each decision with relevant key phrases or words to maximize this feature of the website. Within the keyword tags, viewers will be able to search the register by entering information such as the date, the name the case or company, or by known keywords such as ‘maternity leave’.

Being an independent institution whose function is to resolve collective labour disputes, the AC decisions are balanced, reasoned and just, based on law and the principles of equity. These decisions play a vital role for the following reasons:

  1. Disputing parties can access the outcomes of their cases online in an open and transparent way;
  2. Companies can refer to and potentially follow applicable previous decisions to manage conflict and disputation in their workplaces;  
  3. Company management can refer to and/or follow AC decision when developing internal policies and rules in Workplaces;
  4. As educational legal documents for the disputant parties, other legal researchers, law professors, law students and the general public who are interested in the Labour Law of Cambodia; and.
  5. As Cambodian Labour Law reference material for international scholars.