Screening the video titled “Professionalism in Arbitration”
Prof. Allen Ponak presenting Professionalism in Arbitration’ to the AC Community
Dr. Daphne Taras giving training certificate to the participants

The Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) in collaboration with Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan, Canada hosted visiting Professor Allen Ponak and Dr. Daphne Taras who continue their friendship and professional association with the Arbitration Council community. Professor Ponak is a member of the Arbitration Council ‘International Advisory Board’ which is charged with furthering the institutional development of the Council.

Prof. Allen Ponak, a newly elected President of the National Academy of Arbitrators (NAA), the leading North American organization of labor and employment arbitrators, present a session titled “Professionalism in Arbitration” along with showing the documentary film “Art & Science in Labor Arbitration”.

Conducted on 26 July 2014 at the Inter-Continental Hotel, the session is an opportunity for Arbitration Council members and staff to continue to expand their professional knowledge including international industrial and labour issues. Lessons learned from other jurisdictions can then be adapted to the local labour context.  

At the end of the session, participants also received a training certificate signed by the Executive Director of Arbitration Council Foundation and Dean of the Edwards School of Business at University of Saskatchewan.