On 1st August 2014, the Arbitration Council conducted a mobile hearing on case 171/14 – Apsara Holiday Hotel concerning the reinstatement of 15 employees. This hearing was held at Empress Angkor Hotel from 8:00 AM- 11:30 AM. After the hearing, Arbitrators and ACF personnel visited the Department of Labour and Vocational Training of Siem Reap at the Administrative Compound.

During the meeting with the Deputy Director of the Department of the Labor and Vocational Training of Siem Reap, Arbitrators and ACF personnel were warmly and earnestly welcomed; and further shared AC/F experiences in resolving labour disputes with him.

Arbitrators and ACF personnel presented the Department with copies of the ACF Blue Book (The Arbitration Council and the Process for Labour Dispute Resolution in Cambodia) ,  Compilations​ of arbitral awards & order Nos.18-19-20-21, the latest ACF Newsletter, AC leaflet, Case Preparation handout, Arbitrator Member Biography book, Question and Answer’s book, to assist the Department to disseminate information about the AC and AC labour dispute resolution process. These materials will enable the Department to work more effectively during conciliation as well as to assist to resolve labor disputes at the department level.