On Tuesday, 18 November 2014, the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) launched its Workplace Dispute Prevention and Resolution Training Program, a two-year initiative slated to run until September 2016 covering 16 garment sector enterprises and an expected 320 participants. This program is funded by the Levi Strauss Foundation designed to prevent and resolve labour disputes at the factory level in Cambodia.

The ACF inaugurated this program with a session led by Arbitrator Ann Vireak for 20 worker and employer representatives from Naga Peace Corporation Limited.

The program was developed with the understanding that labour disputes – which disrupt productivity and production – are best addressed and resolved at an early stage. As such, the program focuses on empowering union leaders, human resource managers or supervisors, shop stewards and worker and employer representatives with the skills necessary to establish and maintain harmonious labor relations by encouraging communication, prevention and resolution of workplace disputes on the factory floor.

With this program launch, the ACF has developed a unique adult learning methods curriculum involving practical training with real-world case studies and hands-on exercises in order to develop participant capabilities in three essential areas: workplace relationship-building, workplace cooperation mechanisms and negotiation skills. Trainings will be conducted by arbitrators and senior ACF staff with expertise in industrial relations in Cambodia.

The ACF has extensive experience in providing training to workers, trade unions, employers, employers’ associations, government officials, judges, lawyers, civil society representatives and other industrial relations stakeholders.