(From left to right) Ms. Ambassador Anna Maj Hultgard, H.E. Oum Mean, and Mr. Men Nimmith stood up for the Cambodian national anthem.
Ms. Ambassador Anna Maj Hultgard and Mr. Men Nimmith signed the agreement.
Celebration after the signing

The Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) hosted a Signing Ceremony for the Agreement on Core Support to the ACF. The agreement, signed on Friday, 14 November 2014 at InterContinental Hotel between the ACF and the Swedish Embassy to Cambodia, marks the commencement of a 2-year funding relationship of 1.2 million US dollars between the two organizations. Senior government officials of Cambodia, Swedish Embassy officials, confederation, federation, and union leaders, employer representatives, donors, and relevant stakeholders participated in this ceremony.

Speaking in the ceremony, Mr. Men Nimmith,  Acting Executive Director of the ACF, expressed his hope that the agreement would enable the ACF to strengthen core functions and expertise, without compromising its independence and neutrality.

Mr. Nimmith also thanked the World Bank, the ACF’s previous funding partner, Sweden, and the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australian for their financial support.

Ms. Anna Maj Hultgard, Swedish Ambassador to Cambodia, expressed hopes that Swedish support will build on the success already achieved by the Arbitration Council and the Arbitration Council Foundation.

The  ambassador added, “I believe that the Arbitration Council is an important instrument for sustainable social and economic development in Cambodia and it can serve as a model for effective dialogue between actors in different sectors.”

“Sweden is proud to have entered into a 2-year agreement with the Arbitration Council Foundation with an amount of 1.2 million USD”, she said.

H.E. Oum Mean, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, said that Swedish support of the Arbitration Council is particularly timely and relevant as last month saw the closure of the World Bank.

“Although the garment industry will be the chief recipient of the benefits provided by the Swedish government support of the Arbitration Council, there will also be direct support to other Cambodian industries sectors which use the council services”, H.E. added.

Under this agreement, ACF will utilise this grant to:

  1. Provide effective labour dispute resolution services that both workers and employers can trust.
  2. Raise awareness about the AC and promote dispute resolution skills for workers and employers through capacity building, partnership, and stakeholder outreach activities.
  3. Maintain and promote the institutional integrity and sustainability of the AC.