(From left to right) Arbitrator Mar Samborana, Commissioner Michael Gay, H.E. Ith Sam Heng, H.E. Heng Sour, Mr. Men Nimmith, Ms. Chum Charya, Mr. Tiev Maktel, and H.E. Seng Sakda

In the fourth week of November 2014, a delegation comprising His Excellency Ith Sam Heng, Minister of Labour and Vocational Training, his Chief of Cabinet, Director General of Labour, and a Deputy Director General, Mr. Men Nimmith, Acting Executive Director of the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF), Mr. Mar Samborana, Arbitrator, and Ms. Chum Charya, Director of the Legal Services Department (ACF) paid a visit to the Fair Work Commission in Melbourne, Australia. During this few-day intensive visit, the delegation participated in technical consultation with the FWC Commissioners, Administrators, and Registrars. The visit was concluded with observations of dispute resolution proceedings and touring of the Commission’s library and premises.