A union leader shared his view during the event.
Lawyer Khiev Tola made comments during the event.
Arbitrator Pen Bunchhea talked to participants during the events.

The Arbitration Council and Foundation were pleased to host bi-partite stakeholders at a ‘Meet & Greet’ event last night, 12 February 2015. The event was an opportunity for parties to meet and talk to Arbitration Council members in a more informal setting. Last evening the organisation was also pleased to launch a new initiative for parties – ‘Arbitration Case Preparation Sheets’. These guides include many questions on facts and evidence that Arbitration Panels will commonly ask parties in hearings.


Parties are encouraged to use these sheets to prepare their case before the hearing – more preparation will help parties attend hearings with more confidence, understand their case, understand how the hearing works and also understand better what the Panel expects in the hearing. Hard copies will be available at the Arbitration Council office in Toul Kork and soft copies are available on the website here: http://www.arbitrationcouncil.org/en/resources/hearing-process/hearing-rules-and-policy.


Feedback from parties is also welcome for a second edition to be published later in 2015.