Mr. Gilles Bélier, French lawyer, answered questions from arbitrators and staff members of the ACF.

On 12 February 2015, the Arbitration Council (AC) hosted a roundtable discussion with Professor Gilles Bélier, a lawyer from French with over forty years’ experience in the law and an international authority in Industrial Relations and labour law. Professor Bélier has been a long standing, loyal friend to the AC, with this being his fourth visit. He is committed to the development of the labour law on a global scale and accordingly offered the AC insight and perspective based on his experiences in the French civil law system.

Over the 3 hour session, Professor Bélier fielded a host of questions concerning: legal definition of ‘sanction’, proportionality between sanction and misconduct, the concept of the wage when calculating overtime payments and the respective powers and authority between the AC and the Supreme Court. The discussion gave all participants a fresh outlook into comparative legal theory from foreign jurisdictions. Professor Bélier identified the institutional differences between Cambodian and French labour law and how they impact on the decisions of the tribunal.

The AC would like to sincerely thank Professor Bélier for his advice and reflections and for assisting in the continued professional development of the AC.