The Arbitration Council (AC) and the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) hosted a ‘Meet and Greet’ event on the 20 October 2016 in Phnom Penh. This event was an opportunity to bring together members of the AC, enterprises and trade union labour dispute resolution officers to discuss the AC and have lunch together.

The workshop was divided into two sessions and the first session was facilitated by Mr. Men Nimmith, ACF Executive Director, focusing on “Information in Relation to Statistics on Industrial Relations and Labour Dispute Resolution” – AC labour dispute resolution status, the establishment of the labour court and AC sustainability strategy. After the session all the AC arbitrators and participants were invited to introduce themselves for a meet and greet and to allow them get to know each other.

The second session was facilitated by Ms. Chum Charya, Director of ACF Legal Services Department to introduce a newly published Guide to Case Preparation for AC hearings. The booklet is available in both Khmer and English language.  It contains information to assist all the parties in preparing their case before the AC hearing however it is not considered to be legal advice and is not to be taken as the authoritative view of the AC, on any matter.

The booklet deals with labour disputes that may come within the jurisdiction of the AC under the terms of the Labour Law 1997 (“the Law”) and briefly explains the steps which parties need to take to prepare a case for proceedings to settle disputes at the AC. The booklet also consists of the templates of workers authorization letter, employer authorization letter and nomination of a sub-agent letter.

The publication is available at the Secretariat of the Arbitration Council (SAC).