I.            Overview:

The Arbitration Council is an independent, national institution with quasi-judicial authority derived from the Labour Law of Cambodia. Established in 2003 with the support of the Ministry of Labour, employers and unions, the Arbitration Council is empowered to assist parties in resolving collective labour disputes in Cambodia.

 Since 2003, ACF and the AC have received over 2,656 labour dispute cases involving approximately one million workers. ACF also conducts stakeholder trainings and outreach activities on labour law and labour dispute resolution issues for workers, trade unions, employers, employers’ associations, government and other industrial relations stakeholders, professionals and members of the public in Cambodia.

In a challenging environment where fundamental labour rights are not secure and where many institutions and legal processes are inaccessible to citizens, the AC and ACF have gained the confidence of the community for their integrity and proven ability to help citizens access their rights and resolve their disputes.

 II.            The Objective:

To empower workers and employers with the skills and knowledge on communication, workplace relationship building, labour dispute resolution and the arbitration council process in Cambodia to prevent and resolve labour disputes at enterprise level and according to the law in the cooperation and harmony industrial relations.

The short film competition aims to raise public awareness on the peaceful dispute resolution mechanism to strengthen industrial relations and contribute to economic growth for the nation.

III.          Theme:The Role of the Arbitration Council in Improving Employer – Employee  Relationship

IV.            Eligibility:

  • One team can submit only one short film
  • The member or staff of the Arbitration Council, the Arbitration Council Foundation, and the Secretariat of the Arbitration Council are not allowed to apply for this competition

V.            Short Film Requirements:

  • 3 minutes to 5 minutes video
  • The language of the short film in Khmer with English subtitle or with Khmer subtitle for the English speaking video
  • The content of the video must be shown the reality of the AC process and the theme

VI.            Content to include in the Short Film:

  • “Collective labour disputes resolution and prevention​ at AC”
  • The applicants should consult with the following AC publications such as:
    • “The Arbitration Council: Questions and Answers”,
    • “The Arbitration Council and the Process for Labour Dispute Resolution in Cambodia” and
    • “Guide to Case Preparation for Arbitration Council Hearing”
    • The AC’s website and social media materials (Facebook, Youtube and Twitter)

  VII.            Competition Timeline:

  • The competition is opened from 21 April 2017 to  26 June 2017 (link to download application form)
  • Shortlisted video is notified by e-mail on the 07 July 2017
  • Shortlisted video will be posted on Facebook for the public votes from 10 July  to 31 July 2017
  • The final result will be notified on 15 August 2017

VIII.            Selecting Process:

 50% from the short film committees (ACF and Professional Film Makers)

  • The content: the message of the short film
  • Creativity: storytelling
  • Quality of the video: cinematography, camera movement, lighting, and acting

 50% from Facebook Votes (Most like and share get more points)

  • The number of Like  (Minimum 500 likes)
  • The number of View (As much as possible)
  • The number of Share (Minimum 500 likes)

The shortlisted short films will be posted on Arbitration Council’s Facebook Page for the public voting.

IX.            Award for the Three Winners:

  • 1st Prize:          the first trophy and 3,000,000 Riel
  • 2nd Prize:          the second trophy and 2,200,000 Riel
  • 3rd Prize:          the third trophy and 1,400,000 Riel

 Two incentive awards for the short films will receive 500,000 Riel each and the certificate of appreciation.

 Notice: The Arbitration Council Foundation will have the authorization to use the three awarded short films and the two incentive awarded short films.

 Benefits of participating in this short film competition:

1. Chance to show your potential in film making to the public and in the future career

2. Chance to become one of the winners in this competition

3. Contribute in Labour Dispute Resolution process in Cambodia

4. Learn new thing and enjoy challenging competition

       X.            Deadline:

 The short film must be submitted by 26 June 2017 at 5:00pm via schan@arbitrationcouncil.org or/and submit the DVD to the Arbitration Council Office.

  • Write synopsis (max. 250 words –in English or 1 page in Khmer)
  • List of short bio-team members and actors

     XI.            Contact Person:

For more information regarding the competition, please kindly contact:

Mr. Chan Seyha, Communications Officer at the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF)

Email: schan@arbitrationcouncil.org,

Tel: (+855) 92 77 91 21 or (+855) 23 881 814

Address: No. 72, Street 592 (corner of St. 327), Sangkat Boeung Kak II, Khan