Welcome to 2016 annual report

With this report you will have up-to-date industrial relations, the outlook of disputes and resolution by the Arbitration Council (AC), and supported programs by the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF).

The report covers significant progress and development in the IR environment in Cambodia and the roles of the AC on:

  • Trends of case load and issues at the AC in the year 2016,
  • Service & Outreach activities: training for stakeholders, radio learning program and publication,
  • 7th National Industrial Relations Conference, labour minister’s reconfirmed  support of the  and AC/F sustainability and of service expansion, and
  • Annual Financial statement

ACF with its mandate to support the AC service has so far followed a tri-partite mode of contribution in implementing its sustainability action plan. Since 2015, the Government has contributed about 10% to the AC/F global operation budget while bi-partite contribution is under active discussions and noteworthy progress.

ACF’s executive team and its International Advisory Board met different stakeholders including employer/employee representatives, ministry of labour, ministry of justice, ministry of economic and finance and other donors seeking for supports to sustainability of the AC/F and its future function. As a result, both employer and employee representatives have agreed and committed to contribute to the AC sustainability, 2000 Riel per worker per annual. However, a mechanism to collect contributions and a schedule to collect them are still in question and subject to be studied. ACF plans to start the study on bi-partite contribution collection plan in second quarter of 2017. At the same time, another study will underway on feasibility and impact on AC/F as a result of AC taking on top of collective disputes individual disputes and internal appeal.

We hope you enjoy your reading this report and do let us know if you have any comment or question regarding our services.

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