“I am very interested in the training course and I will share this knowledge to other employees who have never known or heard of the Labour Dispute Solutions and Process of the Arbitration Council” said Thida.

Ms. Chheang Thida is a sewing worker at Kin Tai Garment Co., Ltd, where she has been since 2011. Thida’s experience in the garment industry extends to more than 15 years. As part of her current role as a union leader, Thida is committed to improving her knowledge and skills to more effectively fulfill her role. She initially learned about the ACF training course from the AC Official Facebook page, and submitted her request to attend the training under an ACF scholarship program. On 25 May 2017, she attended the training with a strong commitment to share what she would learn with her colleagues after the training.

During the training, Thida was very active participant, raising questions and comments, and also sharing her experiences of working in a garment factory with other participants.

Driven by her passion to share what had learned with coworkers, two weeks after the training course, with the support from her union and ACF staff, Thida presented what she had learned about ‘Labour Dispute Solutions and the AC Process’ at the Monthly Worker Saving Group meeting. 41 garment workers from 17 different factories attended the session.

“To get up to date information of the AC and industrial relations matters, visit the AC Official Facebook page,” said Thida.