After years of disseminating educational booklets to assist understanding regarding the labour dispute resolution process for employers and employees, in 2017, the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) has produced an educational video series based on selected Q&A booklet contents to increase and improve access to information relating to labour dispute resolution in Cambodia and, in particular, the services of the Arbitration Council (AC) and the Secretariat of the AC. 

The nine video series is based on detailed interviews with Arbitrators – current serving members of the AC. These videos have been posted monthly on the AC website and social media, including the AC Official Facebook page, Twitter and Youtube, with four videos already released to the public.

The existing AC/F website, social media, and other hard copy documents about AC/F activities and services including Arbitral Awards, Decisions Digest, Weekly Hearing Schedule, and industrial relations news are also still available.

Q&A Ep. 1: What is the Arbitration Council?
                    What makes up the Arbitration Council?

Q&A Ep. 2: What type of disputes can the Arbitration Council hear?

Q&A Ep. 3: What are the processes for labour dispute resolution?

Q&A Ep. 4: Who decides the case?
                    How is the Arbitration Panel chosen?